NordPass Enterprise

  • Part: 2079133
  • Model: SJB_NordPassEnterprise
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NordPass is an intuitive and easy-to-use password manager for businesses and individuals created by the world’s most trusted cybersecurity brand and creators of NordVPN - Nord Security. NordPass eases the burden of access to business accounts, making it possible for your team to work across devices and apps uninterrupted. Log in to your accounts in seconds, securely share sensitive data with your colleagues, and make payments efficiently backed by the highest standard of cyber secure technology.

Items Business  Enterprise
Number of users Up to 250 users Unlimited
Business Admin Panel for user management X X
Encrypted business vault for every user X X
Unlimited password, credit card, and note storage X X
Secure item sharing X X
Items Transfer X X
Security Dashboard X X
Activity Log X X
Company-wide settings X X
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) X X
Password Import X X
Quick and smooth account recovery in an emergency X X
24/7 support X X
Google Workspace SSO X X
SSO with Okta NA X
SSO with Azure NA X
SSO with AD FS Setup NA X
User Provisioning via Active-Directory NA X
Shared Folders NA X
Dedicated account manager NA X
Face-to-face onboarding services NA X